COVID-19: How to support Mackenzie Leather.

How To Support MacKenzie Leather

As one of the many independent and non-essential businesses with closed shopfront doors, our future is uncertain. Read our top 3 ideas on how you can safely support us, and other brands like ours, during this unsettling time.

What a difference a month makes. From the expected joys of Mothering Sunday in our March blog, to the fear of facing a global pandemic in April. With our first concern being the health of our loved ones, our craftsmen and the wider community together, the time came to temporarily close our shop and workshop to the public. And with no certainty of how long for, we have to admit that our future is at risk.

But with the doubt, comes hope. Our customers (yes, you!) have proven on multiple occasion that a community spirit makes a difference. You are loyal, supportive and the ultimate encouragement to keep on crafting on. We have hope to one day see the other side of this dark period, and reopen our brand to the world once more, with the help of our most treasured asset – our patrons.

We’ve drafted a brief list of the top 3 ways you can be sure to support Mackenzie – safely and, most importantly, from home.

1. Vouchers

An age-old concept in the world of retail, but how useful they remain. ‘Buy now, spend later’ is our lifeline concept during this time of uncertainty, allowing us to continue as best we can to ensure a future for Mackenzie.

GIFT VOUCHER BACK COVID-19: How to support Mackenzie Leather.

Vouchers – available in amounts between £20 and £1,300 – are ready to purchase now here. Please keep an eye out on social media for further information regarding their use, or contact us via email with any questions and a member of the team will answer you quickly.

2. Shop our website

Behind the scenes of the crisis our new website launched quietly last month. Enjoy our sleek new layout as you browse our collection, teamed with sharp product photography to make the online retail experience as immersive as possible. (You may be missing the unique smell of our leather workshop, but the visual representation is as accurate as possible!)

Our online store will remain live over the coming weeks and months, and will continue to take your much appreciated orders. As the workshop is currently unmanned following the latest government guidelines, there will be a slight delay in processing and no orders will be sent out for the next 2-3 weeks. After that, we aim to process all orders within our usual time frame, unless we have your item in stock. We’ll be posting updates as soon as we know more, so keep an eye out on social media.

Nonetheless, a handcrafted item shipped directly from the hands of the maker will last for years to come, and is well worth the temporary wait. Browse our full collection here.

3. Support and share

Last but by no means least – you can always support us on social media. It can be done from home, safely, and the only cost to you is a little bit of time – something we all now have more of!

Liking, sharing and commenting on our Facebook, Instagram and Trip Advisor content is an understated way of supporting our entire brand. It may seem fruitless, but by raising our online presence we find ourselves discovered by a wider audience of customers across the community and beyond. And in the midst of a pandemic, every little helps.

In return for your generosity and unfailing support, we at Team Mackenzie have introduced a number of wee treats to thank you. Enjoy FREE worldwide shipping on all orders placed online, plus 10% off our entire product catalogue with discount code M99Q9DK5 .

What’s more, keep an eye out for a number of exciting promotions coming your way throughout April, including a 15% discount code when you sign up to our new Newsletter. Stay informed with our goings-on and enjoy a reward for your support, on us.

As we face these unprecedented times as a nation, we come together as a community. Let us show support to all those around us during this time, as we strive to continue to uphold our livelihoods and come through the other side together.

From everyone at Mackenzie Leather,

Stay safe, stay home, and thank you for your support.


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