Men's leather bags & briefcases

Practical and versatile for your life or career

Handmade leather bags for your life and career

Our artisan leather bags are heirlooms in the making. Our extensive collection of exquisitely designed pieces has the perfect bag for any occasion. From the clean lines of the Basic Briefcase, to the tradition and security of the Officers Briefcase, the Mackenzie briefcase range stands out in the professional environment – for all the right reasons. Built to last a lifetime, they make a beautiful gift for a loved one at the start of their career, and promise to see them through to retirement and beyond.

Our briefcases are designed for men and women, and can be used to carry a laptop as well as documents and folders.

For a less formal working environment, there is a cleverly designed Mackenzie bag to meet your needs, whatever they are. Choose from a sleek laptop case, a character-filled satchel, or a roomy bookbag, all custom made from a wide range of colours and finishes to make it perfect for you.

Our skilled artisans work with the finest leather from Italy, Spain and Britain, and use traditional saddlery techniques to produce handmade products that are as unique as our customers.

Since all our products are handmade using traditional methods in the heart of historic Edinburgh, your bag has already been on quite a journey. Where it goes from here is up to you.

Just as we change with age, so too does your Mackenzie Leather bag. We use the finest leather hides which gains character as you use it.  Over time our bags develop a beautiful and distinctive charm.

Want to learn more? Watch our video about our Briefcases at our YouTube Channel