Densely woven, strong and reliable cotton canvas from Scotland

Densely woven, strong and reliable cotton canvas from Scotland

Our Scottish Canvas

Canvas, or waxed cotton, was originally developed in the early 15th century by sailors who used it to make sails for their ships. Remnants were used to make capes to keep the sailors warm and dry, and to protect them from high winds and sea spray.

Known for its durability, our cotton is woven to withstand many years of wear. The use of responsibly sourced cotton coupled with low impact manufacturing processes make this a sustainable choice of fabric.

Over the years, the finishes applied to the cotton have developed and refined to find the most effective blend. Our canvases are finished using waxes and oils found naturally occurring in leaves, animal  furs, feathers and bean and seed coverings.

These finishes pick up marks and creases as the product is used which gives the fabric a beautiful individuality.

Our canvas items always look better with age.

“Waxed garments can be regularly reproofed to maintain performance for many years,

making them uniquely sustainable.

The fabrics are breathable, and the texture responds to ambient conditions making it softer and more breathable in warm weather, and stiffer and more windproof when cold. We use 18oz waxed cotton to craft our signature Canvas & Leather designs. The linings are made from a lighter 10oz waxed canvas.

Canvas is used primarily for our Gladstone Canvas & Leather BagsSatchels and Edinburgh Briefcases.

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