Day Sporrans

Handmade leather sporrans – upholding tradition

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Handmade Day Sporrans – a design classic

Our Day Sporrans will always look their best partnered with a kilt and tweed outfit.

These handmade leather day sporrans are the ideal finishing touch to your Highland outfit, whether you are going for full Highland dress or a more informal look.

The sporran dates back to the 12th Century. The design has been refined over the centuries, until we reach the beautiful handmade leather day sporrans available from Mackenzie Leather.

Before the rise of the tailored kilt in the late-18th century, some type of belt was necessary in order to secure the kilt and keep it from falling down. It also provided a handy place from which to hang sword, dirk, or pistols. Both Kilt Belts and Sporrans alike are key pieces of traditional Highlandwear today.

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Discretion, convenience and practicality. That’s the modern day Mackenzie take on the historic Day Sporran.

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