Supporting ukraine the sporrans of solidarity in ukraines national colours displayed at Mackenzies Edinburgh

Support Ukraine: The Sporrans of Solidarity


Introducing two new Mackenzie Sporrans, crafted to support the Ukraine crisis.


The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has left few of us unaffected. That’s why Mackenzie have created two new charity Sporrans: A Day Sporran Lux and a Ladies Sporran Bag.

Each have been crafted from Mackenzie’s leather hide in Ukraine’s national colours. And all proceeds from the sale of each will go to UNICEF, to help protect children in Ukraine.

War in Ukraine has placed 7.5 million children and their families at risk. More than half have already been forced to flee the conflict. UNICEF are working non-stop to provide critical support, and every donation counts.

scaled Support Ukraine: The Sporrans of Solidarity


The Gents Day Sporran Lux is a luxury, lightweight handmade Sporran. Discretion, convenience and practicality is what makes a Mackenzie Sporran useful to a modern day Scot. The striking sunflower yellow leather hide would make a great match to a tartan kilt, particularly one featuring highlights of gold.


scaled Support Ukraine: The Sporrans of Solidarity


The Ladies Sporran bag is a stylish twist on the traditional Sporran. Designed to sit perfectly on the shoulder or across the body (instead of the hips!), it’s a popular choice for those wanting a unique but practical bag.

Handcrafted in the colours of Ukraine, this bag offers a chance to share and wear a real gesture of solidarity.


scaled Support Ukraine: The Sporrans of Solidarity

scaled Support Ukraine: The Sporrans of Solidarity


The Ukraine Sporrans of Solidarity are available to view and purchase in store. Please get in touch with a member of the workshop team if you’d like to learn more.

Visit UNICEF’s website to donate here.

Visit Mackenzie in store here.

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