Whats inside scaled How we make handmade Mackenzie Leather goods?

How we make handmade Mackenzie Leather goods?

What is inside a MacKenzie Bag?

Take a look inside our contemporary Mackenzie collection from the comfort of your home thanks to our special insider film series. Hosted by our very own Master Craftsman, Inside Mackenzie is coming soon…

The dawn of a New Year has always been a chance to seek out fresh ideas that rise on a clear horizon. And this year more than most, we’re all after a glimpse of brighter skies and hope for a more prosperous year ahead.

Before the announcement of new restrictions to see us into 2021, we filmed an entire Mackenzie on Film special series from our workshop bench. These new episodes – which will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks – bring you at home a virtual insight into the level of detail and skilled craftsmanship that goes into each and every Mackenzie product. Be it bag, belt, briefcase or wallet…

Mackenzie Presentation thumbnails scaled How we make handmade Mackenzie Leather goods?

Take a detailed tour, guided by our passionate Master Craftsman, Simon, through every Mackenzie design in our contemporary collection we craft today. Learn the origins of some of our most well-known cuts, alongside a detailed view inside the design and construction of each style.

From fittings and fixtures to leather colour and combinations. This intimate series promises to connect you with our traditional trade, from wherever you may be at this time. Despite the distance, receive the same customer service you’re guaranteed in store, even when shopping with us online.

Mackenzie Presentation thumbnails scaled How we make handmade Mackenzie Leather goods?

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So as we rise to face 2021 together, we’d like to say a huge thank you to all who have supported Mackenzie Leather Edinburgh over the past twelve months. May all of you, our customers, friends, and fellow small business kin, have a very Happy New Year!


Watch the first episode today…

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