Belts light scaled Find your Mackenzie Belt: Made to Measure, Made to Last

Find your Mackenzie Belt: Made to Measure, Made to Last

MacKenzie Leather Belts

A wide range of styles and always cut to the same exacting standards of quality and craftsmanship. Find your perfect fit with this month’s product introduction – our collection of handmade Belts.

Here at Mackenzie Leather Edinburgh, we’re somewhat renowned for our handmade belts. We use our knowledge and handmade skill to help find and fit your perfect belt, to you. And it’s one of the (many) reasons we cannot wait to open our shop doors to in-person customers again very soon.

Our staple collection has been slowly expanding over the years, with a few more vibrant additions added online in recent weeks. We thought it was long overdue to shine the spotlight on this essential range, and introduce one by one each of our unique Belt designs, both newly welcomed and long-loved.

But first, what makes a Mackenzie belt so special?

All Mackenzie Leather belts are hand-cut, hand-polished, and finished to fit the exact requirements of each individual wearer. They are handcrafted from the butt end of the shoulder saddle hide (the toughest part of the leather) and cut with the grain for additional strength and longevity. All buckles are 100% British-made solid brass or solid brass nickel plate, and crafted to each strap by our talented team.

So whether you’ve been in the market for a while, or owning a quality belt is not something you’d thought of before. We have a belt for you…

Let’s begin with some of our familiar favourites. The true classics of our collection:


London Dee Belt

The London Dee is named after its attractive D-shaped buckle. Handcrafted from our finest Italian Saddle Hide leather, choose from 11 beautiful shades and from 3 different widths – 1”, 1.25” or 1.5” to suit your style.


The Swage Belt

The unique buckle of our Swage Belt brings a touch of curved style to this classic cut. Hand-cut and hand-polished to your choice of design, why not add your initials embossed in silver, gold or neutral for just one more personal touch…


The West End Belt

Our most popular style of classic cut belt, the West End is a staple of great British design. Sturdy, simple and stylish. Choose your colour, width and fitting finish to find your tailored and trusted accessory.


All of our belts are designed to stand the test of time, both in terms of quality, but also in regards to fashion. If you are, however, in the market for something a little more special, the following styles are perfect for you:


The Oak Bark Bridle Belt

This belt was the pioneer of our renowned British Collection of leathergoods. The Oak Bark Bridle Belt is unrivalled in strength, and fast became a beloved choice for classic, durable style since it joined our belted kin. Available in the 3 shades of our British Bridle hide, with attractive contrasting stitch detail.


The Kilt Belt

Uphold tradition as well as your kilt with a Kilt Belt from Mackenzie. Available in your choice of robust vegetable tanned Italian leather, customise to compliment your Clan, tartan or even order a direct match to your handcrafted Day Sporran.


We make the majority of our belts for both men and women. Our latest additions to the family, however, have been designed for the ladies. Introducing last but not least, the Ladies Belt and the Loop Belt:


The Ladies Belt

The thinner, more delicate ¾” design of the Ladies Belt offers a lot of options for styling, without compromising on strength or durability. Choose from a wide range of beautiful colours, including classic tones of navy, green or grey, to warmer hues of chestnut, red or tan.


The Loop Belt

The Loop Belt is a standout and stylish accessory, inspired by the bold fashions of the 60’s and crafted to last for decades to come. Featuring a luxurious mix of suede velour and Italian Saddle Hide leather, choose the outer leather colour and pick the finish of the bold fittings to match.


The blessing of a beautiful, hard-working and enduring belt can often be overlooked. We’re proud to be upholding (pardon the pun) the value of great quality leather accessories, and here at Mackenzie, each belt that leaves our bench is no exception to guarantee. Find your perfect belt with confidence and enjoy the same 5 year warranty extended on all our leather bags and accessories, with all our hand-cut belts.

Now where’s that tape measure…..

Get in touch to speak with a member of our skilled team for assistance. Or order online with confidence today.

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