Which Mackenzie Briefcase is Best scaled Which Briefcase is Best?

Which Briefcase is Best?

Handcrafted in the heart of Edinburgh, our Briefcases are designed to see you through your entire career.

But which is best? 


Finding a quality briefcase can feel like an added stress. The first day on the next step of your career is just around the corner. Or maybe you’re starting your degree. How can you know which briefcase on the market will hold strong by your side, day-in and day-out, versus the ones that will fall apart after 6 months commute? Perhaps you wish to invest in your next family heirloom and own something you can pass from one generation to the next. We understand that making the right decision is important to you.

Mackenzie’s range of Briefcases are meticulously crafted by hand using traditional saddlery techniques. This – combined with a clever blend of contemporary and historical design, plus the finest leather hides – has lead to a unique collection of cases, unified in quality and strength.

But which Mackenzie Briefcase is the briefcase for me?

Continue reading to find out! Become acquainted with each cut of Mackenzie case. So you can make your decision with confidence, and start reaping the rewards of a superior quality bag…


Officers Briefcase

Mackenzie Briefcases Officers scaled Which Briefcase is Best?
Highlights include:

• Functional full valise straps • Central British-made lock


The Officers Briefcase is one of our most decorated briefcase designs. But not unnecessarily so! The case features attractive and fully functional valise straps – two continuous strips of corresponding leather – that encircles and securely fastens the briefcase body. Pair that with one of our British-made central closing locks and you have an unbeatably strong and safe briefcase that will last.



I have one of these and purchased in 1994…it’s still in regular use and just looks better with age! The great thing is that Mackenzie can undertake repairs e.g. after about 20 years one of the straps was about to fail and Simon found a matching new piece of leather and made my bag as good as new.
Chris P, Mackenzie Customer


Treasury Briefcase

Mackenzie Briefcases Treasury scaled Which Briefcase is Best?
Highlights include:

• Historical British-inspired design • Extremely secure fastenings


Mackenzie’s Treasury Briefcase is inspired by the iconic case held by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, a high ranking Minister of the Crown within the UK Government and head of Her Majesty’s Treasury. Responsible for all economic and financial matters, the role is equivalent to that of a finance minister in other countries.

This re-interpretation of the traditional English saddle hide briefcase strikes a harmonious balance between classic construction and contemporary use.


 Folio Briefcase

Mackenzie Briefcases Folio scaled Which Briefcase is Best?

Highlights include:

• Sleek appearance • Understated • Practical design


The ultimate no-fuss case. The Folio Briefcase is a champion of simplicity. Still constructed using the same complex techniques, but designed to be an understated companion to your day-to-day. Choose Antique Black (pictured) for the ultimate sleek, sharp and timeless look.


Basic Briefcase

Mackenzie Briefcases Basic scaled Which Briefcase is Best?

Highlights include:

• One main compartment
• Classic cut • Convenient back pocket


Don’t let the name fool you. The Basic Briefcase is the result of clever craftsmanship, refined into a classic box-cut brief that’s simple to style. The reinforced, hand-stitched corner detailing provides added protection against wear-and-tear. It’s longevity is ideal for those looking for a lifetime piece at the start of their professional journey. And the unisex appearance makes this briefcase the best ‘all-rounder’ design.


Edinburgh Briefcase

Mackenzie Briefcases Edinburgh scaled Which Briefcase is Best?

Highlights include:

• The original Mackenzie Briefcase • Versatile use
• Relaxed design


We promise we’re not biased. But the Edinburgh Briefcase – the original Mackenzie case design – is tricky to beat.

The case itself fastens with two buckles and studs, and features one main compartment with an internal document pocket. The external back pocket and double front pockets on the large-sized case give it its distinctive look and makes it one of our most versatile cases. Perfect for those needing a strong and structured bag, without the desire for a ‘stiff’ briefcase feel.



Not just a conventional briefcase. I often use mine as an overnight bag as well. Just what one has come to expect from this company: the finest leathers; first class construction and craftsmanship; original design; and created to last. It easily copes with standard British weather, and retains its great condition despite the rain, sun, and snow!
– Christopher C, Mackenzie Customer


Gladstone Briefcase

Mackenzie Briefcases Gladstone scaled Which Briefcase is Best?

Highlights include:

•Iconic Gladstone style • Use as a briefcase or small travel bag


The Gladstone Briefcase is a clever marriage between one of our most popular Mackenzie models and our renowned briefcase design. The Gladstone design has been at the heart of the Mackenzie Leather collection since we established our trade back in 1990. The Briefcase model was introduced in 2021 – following meticulous prototyping and development from the craftsmen in Mackenzie’s workshop – introducing a new style of briefcase to the market.

The design is unbeatably versatile, accessible and allows you to pack your belongings for all kinds of trips. Inside features a main compartment, as well as a large pocket that’s ideal for items such as small laptops, tablets, cables and wash bags. The bottom of the bag is reinforced, with solid brass feet on the underside to keep it off the ground.


Still can’t decide?

Reach out to a dedicated workshop team today.
One of our skilled Makers will be able to guide you through our simple process of choosing, designing and making your bespoke heirloom.


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