Membership of The Guild of Mastercraftsmen since 2019-Mackenzie Leather Edinburgh

Mackenzie and The Guild of Master Craftsmen


Get reacquainted with the society that represents and supports Mackenzie Leather: The Guild of Master Craftsmen

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On Wednesday 7th September this year, Mackenzie attended the annual ceremony for the Guild of Master Craftsmen at the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh. The Guild’s newest artisans are officially made members, and Mackenzie was recognised by the Hon. D.W Paisley of Westerlea, together with Lady Jane Westerlea, for the work we have done encouraging and supporting new members.

So let us take the opportunity to revisit the Guild, and introduce you to the origins, purpose and meaning of being a member today.



The Origins of The Guild

The Guild of Master Craftsman is the UK’s leading trade association. The concept roots back to the Merchant Guilds of medieval Europe, which lead to the rise of craft guilds – associations of master craftsmen, apprentices and trades closely tied to a particular craft.

One of the main endeavours of these guilds, which still rings true today, is to support their members’ interests against the competing suppliers or trades. In our modern market, the work of the Guild is undoubtably as vital as it has ever been. To represent skilled craftspeople, and to support and uphold their work.


The Guild’s Aims and Objectives

Mackenzie have been awarded a Certificate of Quality & Service through our commitment to maintaining high standards of customer care, the quality of our product and the continued dedication of our team to uphold the Guild’s ambitions.

Further aims and objectives of the Guild include:


⛏ To bring together skilled people engaged in craft, art, trade, profession or vocation in order to safeguard the interests of craftsmen and the public


⚙️ To promote to the public the trading assets of the member, their honour, professional expertise and integrity, their high standards and the value for money which they offer


⏳ To foster learning among apprentices and students in order to perpetuate the survival and success of their particular craft



Mackenzie have proudly been members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen since 2019. It’s an honour to play our part in the survival not only of our own trade, but of the wider community of talented craftsmen and women across the UK.


THE GUILD TITLE PAGE Mackenzie and the Guild of Master Craftsmen


You can learn more about the Guild, and discover the full list of Aims and Objectives on our dedicated website page The Guild of Master Craftsmen. You can also find our listing, Mackenzie member page, and search for other member artisans by visiting the Guild’s website.

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