Travel leather Gladstone briefcase bag, British design in Italian soft hide matt tan by Mackenzie Leather Edinburgh.
Travel leather Gladstone briefcase bag, British design in Italian soft hide matt brown colour.

Why choose Mackenzie Leather?

Following our recent Best Craft or Creative Business award win, now is the perfect time to highlight why you should choose Mackenzie for your next real leather investment. 


Whether you’re in the market for a new belt, bag or briefcase. Shopping for yourself, or looking for the perfect heirloom gift for a loved one. Genuine quality leather can be a difficult purchase to navigate with confidence.

Mackenzie Leather Edinburgh continue to stand firm in the market as purveyors of the finest quality leathergoods, still made entirely by hand and to individual order.

But in reality, what does that mean?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key values that add up to make Mackenzie, well, a Mackenzie quality brand.


Sustainable copy Why choose Mackenzie Leather?

Local & Sustainable

Local craftsmanship combined with sustainable manufacturing techniques. A love story for the modern retail age! And Mackenzie marries the two in perfect harmony.

Our HQ is located in Edinburgh’s Old Town, and our flagship store is also home to our workshop. This prime location offers both locals and tourists a chance to easily experience our brand in-person. Ideal for both planned visits, and chance encounters!

The manufacturing methods you’ll find on display when you visit are traditional practices. Sustainability plays a key role in the day-to-day running of the brand, from raw material through to delivery out the door. Read more about our sustainable endeavours in the dedicated Shop Consciously with Mackenzie Leather post.


Design Why choose Mackenzie Leather?

Luxury design with lifetime care

A Mackenzie-made bag is a bag designed to last for life, not for a season.

Every single design has been meticulously tried and tested, prototyped and fine-tuned, to engineer a final model worthy of the Mackenzie name. Each style is considered a classic. You’ll find no seasonal trends here!

You may even notice some of our designs transcend across various models. For instance, the main structure of the Rucksack also forms the body of the Holyrood. Two very different end bags, crafted utilising shared core construction methods.

What’s more, the advantage of knowing every single piece that leaves the workshop bench, is the ability to offer a lifetime of care. Our handmade leather bags are fully guaranteed against defective workmanship and materials. And if your bag ever needs repairing after the years of love and use, we offer a full repair and refurbishment service.


Deposit Why choose Mackenzie Leather?

Accessible payment options with Klarna
& our deposit scheme

Mackenzie Leather have offered payment plans since the beginning. That’s because we know quality leather is an investment made for life. Our easy 50% deposit scheme gives you the opportunity to pay in two instalments, interest free.

Plus, we’re keeping up with the times!

We’ve teamed up with Klarna, offering our traditional style of trade by contemporary means. All online customers have the option to buy now, pay later in 3 interest-free payments. Find out more here.


Worldwide Why choose Mackenzie Leather?

Plenty of perks for everyone

We may be a local, Scottish business. But we want to share our craft with the world! Alongside the big pro’s that set our brand aside from other leatherwork retailers, we go the extra mile (literally!) to ensure everyone can enjoy a slice of the Mackenzie pie.

These include fast and reliable Worldwide Delivery, and no V.A.T for European and overseas customers. A cherry on top!


MK OFFICIAL STAMP GOLD NO FILL Why choose Mackenzie Leather?

Mackenzie is a family business

Last, but by no means least. Mackenzie is, and will continue to be, a family-run business.

Master Craftsman, Simon, together with Creative Director, Elena, are at the helm of the ship. Steering Mackenzie well into the future, with a small crew of close-knit workmen and independent suppliers.

When you choose Mackenzie, you’re not simply choosing one of the finest leather products out there. You’re also choosing to continue every brand value we uphold, every skilled hand, and every vital link of the chain.

Investing in Mackenzie fuels our motivation and inspires our evolution.

Ready to join the family?


Mackenzie Workshop July scaled Why choose Mackenzie Leather?

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