Gladstone Bag GLADSTONES Travel Bags- The Gladstone range

Travel Bags- The Gladstone range

William Gladstone was a keen traveller with an impressive collection of luggage. It is said that when his smart leather holdalls started appearing in the entrance hall of 10 Downing Street, it was a sure sign the four-time British Prime Minister was about to embark on an overseas trip.

In the late 1800s, a long-standing admirer of Gladstone’s, J.G. Beard, designed a bag at his London leather shop, which he named after the popular leader. The distinctive metal hinged frame made the ‘Gladstone Bag’ immediately recognisable, and became popular for day-to-day use, as well as for longer trips.

These days there are many types of luggage to choose from, but the classic leather bag has remained a mainstay for those wanting to travel with style.

The Mackenzie Leather Travel Collection champions the eponymous Gladstone bag. Here we take a closer look at the three Gladstone travel bags which promise to add class to your journey.



  1. Gladstone Leather Bag

Sometimes known as the doctor’s bag or the physician’s bag, the Gladstone is perfect for overnight trips and weekend getaways. The dimensions offer greater depth in proportion to its length, making it far more spacious than it appears at first glance. There are four sizes to choose from depending how much you like to pack.

The metal hinge frame opens wide to allow you to reach all your belongings, and there is even a handy pocket to store all your extra special items.

The ultimate in understated sophistication, the Gladstone leather travel bag is made from the very finest Italian saddle hide. These bags are built to last a lifetime and they develop a wonderful character of their own through the years as they journey with you.

Matt Tan- Gladstone Bag



  1. Gladstone Canvas & Leather Bag

With all the fabulous design features the Mackenzie Gladstone bag has become known for, the Gladstone Canvas and Leather bag is made from the finest canvas in the world. Scottish, of course.


Waterproof enough to keep your kit dry on the wettest of days, yet compromising nothing in the style stakes, this canvas bag is a firm favourite with frequent travellers who want luggage they can easily grab and go.


Available in the same sizes as its leather counterpart and with the same handy internal pockets and features, you’ll be set for any journey, no matter what the great British weather decides to throw at you.Canvas and Leather Gladstone Bag




  1. Gladstone Briefcase

The little brother of the range, the Gladstone briefcase is a lighter-weight version of the original design. Perfect for shorter trips or a quick overnight, there is still plenty of room for the essentials and a handy pocket to protect your laptop.


And especially for those who always want to pack just one more thing, it is available in two sizes, so you can be in charge of deciding how much is too much.


The Gladstone range has brass feet to keep the bag off the ground, and a reinforced base to protect its contents.  As with all Mackenzie’s bags, the areas which take the most strain are strengthened with double hand stitching to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Gladstone Briefcase




  1. The Gladstonette

As every seasoned traveller knows, the stylish explorer look is never complete without an exquisite beauty on your arm. Enter, the Gladstonette. The ladies handbag which brings the finishing touch to your luxury luggage line up. All the style of the iconic Gladstone. All the practicalities of a modern-day handbag. All the glamour of a 1920s film star.Gladstonette


With a fabulous range of colours and finishings to choose from, we’ve got your luggage in hand. Now all you need to do is decide where you will take it!

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