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The Best Mackenzie for your Mum: Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mom, Mam, or Ma.

All mothers deserve an extra special treat this Mothering Sunday month. Discover our list of Mackenzie-Mum matches, certain to cause unconditional joy.


We know you want to find a gift worth a thousand words for your mum this Mother’s Day. It can feel like a bunch of daffodils and a last-minute card just won’t cut it for the incredible mother figure in your life. If you’re on the hunt for something a little more permanent, we’ve got you covered.

Mackenzie’s collection of unique ladies bags are the perfect gesture of appreciation. Designed to last a lifetime and handcrafted in the very heart of Edinburgh, a Mackenzie bag is not like other bags. It’s an heirloom in the making. What could be more fitting?

Beautiful, individual – much like our ma’s – there’s one for everyone. We’ve broken down 3 of our top picks to match your mum.


For the ‘always-on-the-go’ mum

The College Tote


College Tote The Best Mackenzie for your Mum: Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Spacious, multi-use, and effortlessly comfortable. The College Tote is the ultimate shoulder bag for the busiest of folk. Sound familiar? Most mums are non-stop. Make their day-to-day a little more organised, and stylish, with one of the newest Mackenzie designs.

The main body is based on our Mackenzie Tote design, but the straps are taken from our Rucksack model. With a seamless pull, the leather handles are transformed from stylish shoulder bag to a comfortable backpack. What’s more, the unique crossover of the straps provides extra security to the open tote style.

Switch styles without switching bags. We’re certain all mums will find this bag the ultimate treat!



For the ‘never-treats-herself’ mum

The Holyrood


Holyrood The Best Mackenzie for your Mum: Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Another universal super-mum quality is the ability to put everyone else in the family first.

If your mum deserves something luxurious for once, say hello to the Holyrood.

The exquisite design speaks for itself. The body mirrors the shape of the Rucksack, but the elegant fixed handles, reinforced base and solid brass feet create a design to rival our famous Gladstonette.

Available in both a small or larger size, to best suit your ma’s needs.



For the ‘I-can-rock-something-different’ mum

The Ladies Sporran


Ladies Sporran The Best Mackenzie for your Mum: Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Our own mums are one-in-a-million. But perhaps your mum is a little more individual.

Mackenzie’s Ladies Sporran is the perfect accessory for anyone with a more unique style. It can be dressed up or down and still look entirely one-of-a-kind thanks to our modern take on a very traditional style of bag.

Rock it in Black (as seen above) for a bold and easy-to-wear look, or opt for a Red if your mum would love a striking statement piece.



All of our custom bags are made to order by the Mackenzie craftsmen. Small shoulder bag orders can take between 4-6 weeks. Medium shoulder bags between 8-10 weeks.


Can’t wait?


The best way to have something ready to gift on the day is to visit our store and browse our selection of ready-made leathergoods. Each piece is still crafted by hand, with the exact same level of skill and attention. You may find the ‘one’ ready and waiting for you.

And as always, get in touch with us today to discuss your options. Our team are ready to help make your – or your mum’s – Mackenzie match!


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