Master Craftsman, Simon, in the Mackenzie Leather Edinburgh traditional workshop

Mackenzie on Film: How to care for your leather bag

How To Care For Your Leather Bag

The doors to our showroom remain closed on lockdown, but the season of spring cleaning is here.  In the first of our new film series, we bring you a Mackenzie insight from our workshop to your home. So grab a cloth – it’s time to look after your leather!

It’s a lockdown law. The natural urge to act on the annual Spring clean has been amplified by this year’s stay at home restrictions, forcing many of us to finally see what’s really in the back of that cupboard. And with the increasing intensity of the sun during the day (yes, even in Scotland!) it’s an important time to be thinking about caring for your leather goods, both the forgotten in the depths of a drawer, or your most cherished Mackenzie bag.

Who better to walk us through the process than our very own Master Craftsman, Simon. In the first of an ongoing film series, watch how Simon transforms a 15 year old Mackenzie Rucksack from looking a little dry to looking it’s distinctive best. But how you cry? Watch and learn!


Mackenzie Care still scaled Mackenzie on Film: How to care for your leather bag


Mackenzie Care still scaled Mackenzie on Film: How to care for your leather bag


This episode is the first of our Mackenzie on Film series – we’d love to hear your suggestions for future content. Do you have a favourite design you’re desperate to see in the making? Or perhaps an insight you’d love to learn. Be sure to let us know in the comments and we’ll take note!

Do you want the leathercare recommended in this video? Buy leathercare cream direct from MacKenzie Leather.

If you’re looking for even more advice, check out last year’s Guide on our blog How to care for your Mackenzie Bag for even more tips – or get in touch! Your Mackenzie bag will last a lifetime, with a bit of regular TLC.

And so, in the words of Simon – go give yer bag a drink!


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