Guide: How to care for your Mackenzie bag

Although our products are designed to endure the years, you may want to follow our simple care guide to ensure your Mackenzie Leather lasts a lifetime.

Our leather bags are the product of meticulous skill. Each piece is crafted by hand, by man not machine. As you may have already realised, we pride ourselves in only using the finest material, to ensure every single piece crafted in our workshop is of the best quality. Although leather is renowned for enduring the wear and tear of everyday life, it’s no secret that a bespoke leather bag is an investment. Like most things we invest in, it’s important to show it some regular TLC. Here’s what you need to know…

The first step to providing any kind of care for leather goods is knowing exactly what kind of leather your product is made from. Our Mackenzie bags are currently made from vegetable-tanned leather, sourced from Italy and Spain and tanned using traditional methods.

The long and complicated process of vegetable tanning results in a truly unique leather that traces the owners life, maturing with time without losing integrity or function. The natural ageing reveals that sought after vintage effect, which you can be assured is as a result of it’s organic origins, and not a compromise of resistance.

So what can we do to compliment the natural ageing process of a Mackenzie bag?


This may seem obvious, but cleaning your leather bag goes a long way towards extending it’s life expectancy. And by ‘clean’ we don’t mean a deep cleanse! A simple wipe down using a soft dry cloth after every few days of use removes any build up of dust, eventually reducing the effect of everyday wear.


Think of your bag as a natural surface, one that needs a wee bit of moisture every so often to prevent it getting too dry. Dab a small amount of our ‘Leather Care Cream’ onto a dry cloth and massage gently into the leather. Made from only natural ingredients, including natural beeswax, animal fat and oil, our leather care conditioner is sourced from a renowned English tanner, and purposely designed to fully protects your leather products. Repeat every few months for the best result.


We know you’ll be using your Mackenzie bag a lot. But sometimes, you may wish to rotate your usage. It’s important to store your bag properly if you wish to rediscover it in the same condition as you left it. Store your product in its original Mackenzie cloth dust bag, preferably stuffed with paper (inkless) or cloth, so that it retains its shape. Air your bag every couple of weeks to prevent pesky mould, and don’t be afraid to switch up your usage. Rotating your bag use across a few bags ultimately prolongs the life of each piece.


If you would like more specific advice about caring for your own Mackenzie product, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Simply send us a message, give us a call or drop in to our showroom/workshop on St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh.

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