Ep Image Watch: The Prince’s Master Crafters on Sky Arts

Watch: The Prince’s Master Crafters on Sky Arts


In case you missed it! Mackenzie aired on Sky Arts last night.
Discover the BTS of a new series shining light on homegrown craft…


Sky Arts’ new skills-based programme is set to showcase Britain’s next generation of crafters. Mackenzie Leather feature in Episode 3, which aired last night (1st June), and follows the theme ‘Weaving’.

In Scotland especially, Leathercraft goes hand-in-hand with the art of weaving tartan. And when a handmade kilt is worn, a high-quality, handcrafted Sporran is an essential companion..


Ep Image Watch: The Prince’s Master Crafters on Sky Arts


Host Jim Moir paid a visit to our Edinburgh showroom and workshop to discover how our Oak Day Sporran is made (crafted entirely by hand, of course!) and the finished result can be seen worn in collaboration with Royal Warrant Kiltmakers, Kinloch Anderson.


Ep Image Watch: The Prince’s Master Crafters on Sky Arts


“When it comes to traditional crafts, Britain has a rich heritage – from wood carving to blacksmithing and weaving to stained glass – but we risk losing them forever.”


Mackenzie’s Oak Sporran is unique because it is expertly handmade in Edinburgh from 100% British sourced materials. That’s right, everything from the luxurious oak bark leather hide to the solid brass fittings. This bag is a rare example of a modern product crafted with history and heritage at heart.


Oak Day Sporran Watch: The Prince’s Master Crafters


“The Prince’s Foundation advocates for the preservation of heritage craft skills through the vast array of education and training programmes.

The Prince’s Master Crafters: The Next Generation will bring some of these crafts back to life, reinvigorating them with a new generation of talent.”


Kinloch Anderson Kilts


Heritage crafts are at an all-time risk of becoming extinct in the UK. Here at Mackenzie, we view every opportunity to share our craft with a wider audience as a privilege.

We wish to say a huge thank you to Jim Moir and Sky Arts for featuring Mackenzie in the show!

Watch the preview trailer for the series below, and catch up with all of the episodes so far on Sky Arts.




Trailer & Programme: Sky Arts
Kilt & Sporran Image: Kinloch Anderson / Chris Lomas
Day Sporran Studio Image: Rose + Julien Ltd

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