Our team of skilled Master Craftsmen create every product from start to finish in our Edinburgh workshop

Our team of skilled Master Craftsmen create every product from start to finish in our Edinburgh workshop

Mackenzie Leather Edinburgh EmblemMackenzie Leather Workshop

A clear mind and vision, patience, precision and passion. These are some of the qualities upfolded, in the Mackenzie Workshop.

The shop front door opens into a bright spacious showroom, with the workshop located at the rear, easily visible to everyone entering the store.
When was the last time you stepped, into a shop where you could physically see the products being made?

Our leathergoods are the result of meticulous skill, executed by hand and sold with authenticity.

Our Workshop’s Emblem

This emblem was created to represent Mackenzie’s Workshop.

The hand holds a very special and indispensable tool to a Master Leather Craftsman, the Saddlers Round Knife.

We believe a symbol of identification brings unity and balance. As creativity flows, the Master Craftsmen in Mackenzie can feel the importance of their day-to-day dedication in the Workshop…

Mackenzie Leather Edinburgh Emblem

A Handful of Our Steps in the Making

Hand Stitching at Mackenzie leather workshop.

Hand Stitching

We take pride in all of our hand-finishing techniques, one of the most notable being our Hand Stitching. We use traditional saddlery techniques and heavy waxed linen thread for strength and longevity of stitch. All of our bags are finished tying all of the loose ends by hand, which reinforces the weak spots.

Our Oak belts are 100% stitched by hand, for an unbeatably durable end result.

Stitching on the sewing machine

Our workshop is home to an industrial Seiko sewing machine. The robust nature of this classic machine allows us to sew across our range of different leathers. The precision and accuracy, combined with a well-trained human eye, guarantees strength and consistency in every stitch.

Stitching with Seiko, industrial sewing machine at Mackenzie leather workshop.
Staining technique at Mackenzie Leather Workshop.

Staining technique for all our products

We use this staining technique to sealed the ends of bags, belts and all of our products assuring their quality and durability

Cutting belts with the plough knife

‘An age-old tool of stories’

This style of tool knife has been around since the stone age. Ours is a considerably more modern version, rooted in history for practice today. Used for a multitude of tasks from feathering (thinning) down individual pieces, to cutting and shaping all of our belt ends – we do it all by hand with this amazing tool!

MG scaled The Workshop

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