Canvas Oak Satchel

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Timeless in name and style, our Satchel waterproof design is a classic you can trust.

The Canvas Satchel is a compact version of the New Town Satchel which features a single buckle fastening rather than two.  Made from the finest Scottish canvas, it is 100% waterproof keeping the contents of your bag dry, no matter the weather.

With handmade fixtures crafted from the very best British Oak Bark shoulder hide, this is a true celebration of British craftsmanship.

The internal compartment is a handy place to keep your phone or other small accessories, while a flat pocket at the back gives an extra space for important items.

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Belts, Wallets and Accessories 3 to 6 weeks. Day Sporrans, small Shoulder & Handbags 10 to 14 weeks. Large Shoulder & Handbags, Gladstones, Gladstonettes and Briefcases 12 to 18 weeks


Mackenzie’s Canvas Oak Satchel bag is a waterproof compact design of our New Town Satchel, the key difference being that it features a single buckle fastening, instead of two.

The Canvas Satchel has been a traditional accessory for English students for centuries, as attested in Shakespeare’s famous monologue, “All the world’s a stage”. The usual Oxford and Cambridge style satchel features a simple pouch with a front flap. Variations include designs with a single or double pocket on the front and sometimes a handle on the top of the bag.

Mackenzie’s Satchel Handle can be added upon request. 

Just as we change over time, so too does your Mackenzie Leather bag. Because we use the finest British Oak hide leather that gains character over time from its wear.

All our bags develop a beautiful and distinctive worn charm.

All our bags and briefcases come with a Mackenzie Leather branded dust bag to protect it while you’re not using it.

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Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg

Small: 40 cm x 30 cm x 11 cm, Larger: 29 cm x 21 cm x 8 cm

Soft Hide Leather

Our finest Soft Hide is made from Italian and Spanish vegetable tanned leather, it ranges from 1.6 to 2 mm in thickness. A lighter weight, more pliable leather.

Interior lining

Our finest suede velour lining is smooth, reliable and stylish. Choose from a wide set of colours to combine with your leather goods.

Bespoke Pentland Satchel

Our bespoke service, available on our Satchel, is versatile. You’ll cherish the experience on creating your own, unique and distinguished bag. Our talented team will guide you through a set of different colours than the ones displayed above. There will be a choice of extras that can be added to personalize your own bag, conserving its practicality and style like extra pockets, fittings, interior lining or embossed initials.


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