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Our customers and supporters are the reason we continue to keep the crafting work alive.

It can be a challenge, keeping traditional crafts relevant in a fast paced modern world. Time and again we are astounded by the support and encouragement we have received from our followers.

We are grateful for each one for their commitment to keeping artisan leather craftsmanship alive in Edinburgh.

There are many ways to engage with Mackenzie Leather Edinburgh.

Gift Vouchers

You can purchase gift vouchers which would allow your loved ones to choose their very own artisan-
made bag or accessory.
Our gift vouchers are available from £20 to £1300.
Our team will be able to answer any questions you might have on purchasing and using gift

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We are delighted to have been awarded since 2019 to 2023 with the Travellers’ Choice Certificate from TripAdvisor.
The reviews from our visitors have placed our artisan leather workshop among the top 10% of all
attractions worldwide. We are so enormously grateful to everyone who has supported us, and left us
a review.
Our #1 ranking for Shopping in Edinburgh has not been achieved easily. Holding firm to our time-
honored values of trade and craftsmanship have enabled us to create the experience we offer our
customers today.
If you’ve visited us in store and haven’t yet left us your review, we’d really appreciate a spared
minute to tell others about your trip. Simply click on the link in our description to find us on


Lights, camera, action!

Learn more about the work that goes into creating Mackenzie Leather bags and accessories by watching Mackenzie Leather on YouTube. Our Master Craftsman, Simon Harvey Potts presents an interesting series of documentaries to show the variety of characteristics found in our distinctive leathers, how to take care of your leather bag… and much more to come!

All of our film content is available on our YouTube Channel ready to watch today.

If you enjoy our insights be sure to subscribe to our Channel and click the bell at the end of each video!

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Our Editorial Collaborators

We are delighted to introduce four fellow designers local to Mackenzie who have each supported our editorial photoshoots with their individual craftsmanship.

Each of our collaborators have been carefully chosen for their fitting marriage with the Mackenzie ethos and style.

Totty Rocks is an independent womenswear fashion label and boutique of Edinburgh. 

21st Century Kilts offer a modern take, and are a fitting homage, to traditional Scottish style. 

Walker Slater are specialists in British design, knitwear and Scottish tweed tailoring. 

Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers are a family run Highlandwear brand, pioneering the future of traditional handmade Kiltmaking.

Totty Rocks scaled
21st Century Kilts collaborate in ourphotoshoots lending some of their original and unique kilts wit an special modern touch.
WS scaled
Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers collaborate in our photoshoots lending some of their unique kilts outfits giving our Sporrans and bags the best traditional style.

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