The British Collection

“A celebration of Great British design”

  • The Oak Ladies Sporran

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    £308.33£353.33 ex. VAT
  • The Oak Cartridge Bag

    5.00 out of 5
    £350.00£436.67 ex. VAT
  • The Oak Card Holder

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    £50.00£65.00 ex. VAT
  • Handmade leather belts - MacKenzie LeatherHandmade leather belts - MacKenzie Leather

    The Oak Bark Bridle Belt

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    £137.50£169.17 ex. VAT
  • The Double Oak Card Holder

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    £66.67£81.67 ex. VAT

Mackenzie’s first collection sourced entirely from within the British Isles

The British Collection has been in the works at Mackenzie Leather for some time. Fuelled by a desire to source quality hide from local suppliers, the journey to today has been filled with trying, testing, patterning and yes, more sampling in order to bring you our exclusive Mackenzie range in an exceptional standard of leather – British Oak Bark hide.

The use of Oak bark during the tanning process gives the leather an unmatched quality, durability and finish. It takes around 14 months from start to finish to complete 1 hide, making each one extra special.

We source our Oak Bark hide from the last oak tanner in the UK, down in Devon, England. The tannery has been in their family name for over 150 years, with the site today still standing on the remains of an ancient Roman tanning site – which explains the abundance of Oak trees in the area!

The handmade leather bags, belts, and wallets that make up the British Collection celebrates the skill of quality craftsmanship with the best of Great British design.