Day Sporran Soft Hide

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It Upholds Tradition! A Mackenzie Day Sporran is an essential to complement for your Kilt and tweed outfit.

Our handcrafted Day Sporran soft hide, is made from a lighter and pliable Italian or Spanish Vegetable Tanned leather while our design encourages simplicity.

Feel inspired to choose a colour that match your kilt from our wide selection combining it well with the internal pocket colour, and have it handcrafted for your special occasion.

Add a special touch and personalize it with Initials.

Scroll down to discover more about Day Sporran Soft Hide.

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“A Day Sporran, for a Day to Remember.”

This beautiful, handcrafted, Day Sporran is made from the finest Italian saddle hide leather. Its simple, beautiful design will complement any kilt.

Going back in time to twelfth-century Scottish Highland warriors used to wear a small bag on the side of  their hips. Sporran, is the name for the practical small received after a period of existence which in Gaelic means purse. It became a traditional part of the Scotsmen garment due to the lack of pockets in their kilts, extremely handy to keep prized possessions in.

It was King George IV, on his first visit to Scotland in 1822 who made a tweak to a Scottish tradition for practicality. By sitting on his throne that day King George IV realised that the Sporran centred on the front of his Kilt would help his discretion covering his privates. 

Discretion, convenience and practicality is what makes a Day Sporran useful to a Scotsmen in Modern Life.


Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg

One size: 20 cm x 18 cm x 4 cm

Soft Hide Leather

Our Soft Hide is made from Italian and Spanish vegetable tanned leather, it ranges from 1.6 to 2mm in thickness. A lighter more pliable leather.

Interior lining

Our finest suede velour lining is smooth, reliable and stylish. Choose from a wide set of colours to combine with your leather goods.

Bespoke Sporran

Our bespoke service, available on all our Day Sporrans, is versatile. You’ll cherish the experience on creating your own, unique and distinguished Sporran. Our talented team will guide you through a set of different colours than the ones displayed above, fittings, interior lining or embossed initials.


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