Day Sporrans

“Upholding Tradition”

  • Day Sporran Saddle Hide

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  • Day Sporran Soft Hide

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  • The Kilt Belt

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There is no match better than tradition

Our Day Sporrans will always look their best partnered with a kilt and tweed outfit.

Going back to the twelfth-century, Scottish Highland warriors used to wear a small bag on the side of their hips. Their attire consisted in a full length garment of approximately nine meters in coloured checks and intersecting lines – primitive tartan. This practical small bag received the name ‘Sporran’, which in Gaelic means purse. It became a traditional part of the Scotsmen garment and remains extremely handy to keep prized possessions in.

Before the rise of the tailored kilt in the late-18th century, some type of belt was necessary in order to secure the kilt and keep it from falling down. It also provided a handy place from which to hang sword, dirk, or pistols. Both Kilt Belts and Sporrans alike are key pieces of traditional Highlandwear today.

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Discretion, convenience and practicality. That’s the modern day Mackenzie take on the historic Day Sporran.