Loyal Customers of Mackenzie Leather

Customers get more than just a bag when they purchase from Mackenzie Leather. They get a bespoke experience and a bag that suits their style and can be passed down to the next generation. Below we outline some of our most loyal customers, some of whom have been enjoying Mackenzie Leather bags for decades.


Here we have Wayne proudly showing off his 16″ Gladstone Bag. What makes this bag unique is the shiny brown Spanish leather with brass fittings, red internal lining, and the personal touch of the customer’s initials embossed onto a sewn-on disc.

Wayne is an avid fan as this the fourth addition to his ever-growing collection. Whether it’s for business or leisure, Mackenzie Leather has a bag suited for every need!


Next, we take a trip over to the Far East, landing in Japan. Time to say Konnichiwa to Noriaki!
He’s a proud owner of our 16″ Overnight Gladstone Bag, an Agave two-toned doctors bag with a brown, brass fittings and purple internal lining.
What’s extremely special about this design is the colour is custom-made to his own colour preference. His wife has the same bag so they can match together in style!

A Lifelong Customer

A Mackenzie Leather bag is made to be long-lasting, so much so that this Cartridge Bag has lasted more than 20 years! There’s still plenty of adventures to be had so we did some refurbishment on it. We replaced the straps, replaced the front buckle tabs and restitched the bag from top to bottom. 

Here’s to another 20 years and more!

Valerie Michael and Neil MacGregor

In the world of Leather, Valerie Michael and Neil MacGregor are seen as royalty! They popped into MacKenzie Leather to say hello and we had to get a photo opportunity.

Their book ‘The Leather Working Handbook’ is considered a bible as it holds a wealth of knowledge and is a highly recommended read for those wanting to know more about all things leather.


Finally, we’ll travel to sunny Spain and meet Sonia! 

Sonia already owns one of our rucksacks and now she’s giving a loving home to a Small Gladstonette in Spanish tan. This beauty comes with brass fittings and a green internal lining. She uses her Gladstonette to take to and from work every day as she’s a dentist in the North of Spain. Our bags make her smile and we’re so happy to see that smile on her face.

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