What Makes Italian Leather Superior?

High-end fashion owes a lot to Italian leather. Leather from Italy – or more specifically from the Tuscan region situated between Pisa and Florence – is so highly valued due to its impeccable quality, and the expert craftsmanship that has been passed down through the generations. It is for these reasons that, at Mackenzie Leather, we primarily use Italian Tuscan leather for our bags and accessories.

italian leather better

But what is it about Italian leather that makes it better?  It all comes down to the special skills and techniques developed through centuries of experience. Raw hides are treated with vegetable tannins, natural substances present in bark extracts and organic dyes, inside large wooden drums in a process that takes up to forty days. This authentic technique results in a leather product far superior to those mass-produced using metal-based dyes, not to mention the positive implications for the environment.

Leather Tanneries

The process used for creating Italian vegetable-tanned leather results in a material that is substantially more durable and long-lasting than leather made using non-traditional techniques. Take care of your leather goods and there’s no reason why they won’t last for a lifetime, and be ready to pass onto your offspring after decades of use. Italian leather can withstand the wear and tear that occurs with everyday use, and most nicks and scratches can be easily wiped away with just a little bit of routine maintenance.

While you might expect that the appearance of leather will deteriorate over time, Italian leather made using authentic, vegetable-tanned techniques actually gains a unique aesthetic appeal as time goes on. The natural tanning processes used result in an increasingly distinctive look, allowing you to enjoy an timeless product that ages gracefully.

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